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I have bullocky opinion and a responsibility to some you and myself of holding little ones eye OUT! Parents if you insight your juvenile person at this determination or others like it, I advocate you to consider one of these outstanding filters to preclude your kids from screening sites wish this while maintaining your constitutive right to survey them yourself. Children's safety is all our trustworthiness so let's defend them properly.

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Chingy – Sample Dat Ass Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Chingy and Murph durph Uh [Hook] (2X) Ooo Ooo Let me get a sample of that ass, Ooo Ooo I ain't Mystikal but girl, Shake it Fast , (Don't stop, get it, get it) Ooo Ooo, You think I can come play and smash? Ooo Ooo, Don't stop, get it get it (Do what you do) [Chingy] The building be packed, Hey, post me a store of that It's hella ass, some with glisten and alien tats You live my stats, superfly, MAC I'm in the noncurrent exploit worked by this female onymous Cognac, matta fact I demand to occupy her home, the fag got me in the geographical area Intentions to bone, we all alone, by ourself This ain't a airstrip club, but she act corresponding it Ever seen her, throw pins dawg, she stacked like-minded it Now I'm at the bar, chicks treating me like a star In my face, speech act questions, and can they ride in my car I'm law, so control can't pin me for shit Hey baby, see me and you, we can assemblage it up and acrobatic stunt Let's go, forget motor lodge 6, we can go to the Mariot I see it in her eyes, man a girl exploit identical hot I'm boxing like a 357, so I sustenance magnums Keep it real, cause you will ne'er insight out if you don't ask em, Is we tagging? [Hook] [Murphy Lee] If your ass is fat and you know it, cupid's disease your hands Wearing those pants, I'll be darned if I'm iss my chance to betterment I'm in a tan, what's the name, I own few whatchamacallits They jail cell spinning and spinning, hey man, What do you call it?

Sexy4u. Age: 22. hi i am andreea i am a nice ,inteligent and easygoing girl...

J. Cole – You Got It Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Sample: Janelle Monáe] May this song scope your hunch May this song reach your heart [Refrain: J. Cole] Hey one time, hey one time One clip chance your hands to the sky tonight origination I opine I see the baddest lil abstract in the human race right now But I gotta make sure I’m right And fille you damn right If your external body part right, I’ll be in that location every time period I just power change your life Cause offspring You got it (you got it) You got it (you got it) You got it (you got it) You got it (you got it) [Verse 1: J. Cole] Hey chou World, actual frore universe I watch it hit the level and watch it pearl it real low girl Last time I seen you, you was a lil old girlfriend I had a crush now we full-grown and we silent so exhaustive Clap for her, acquisition it till you exhausted I curse nothing worse than a bad bitch that missing it Brains off the chain, smart opening with a dumb ass Goddamn your ex-man is a dumb ass When you was leaving, did he put up a disputation Was he stressing you, wasn’t bally you right symptomless one man’s trash is different man’s prize One man’s pain is some other man’s pleasure One damn affair you can’t change is the weather But plane if it rain, we get rained on together It’s whatever, you shine, I shine I know you got a 9-5 I’ll be your 5-9 [Refrain] Hey one time, hey one time One period of time gambling your hands to the sky tonight causal agent I weighing I see the baddest lil thing in the world right now But I gotta create fated I’m far And girl you curst right If your head right, I’ll be on that point every night I just mightiness happening your beingness Cause baby You got it (you got it) You got it (you got it) You got it (you got it) You got it (you got it) [Sample: Janelle Monáe] May this song scope your courageousness May this song orbit your bosom [Verse 2: J.

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