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I came here with my dick in my manus Don't sort me permission here with my foot in yo' ass; be cool And don't mind bout how I'm rippin this shit When I'm flippin what I'm kickin nigga, that's equitable what I do I'm effervesecet and I'm off that crescent-shaped Nastier than a full grown high german Shepherd; motherfucker keep steppin They don't fuck with me and they don't Y'all bitches cant physical object me and you won't Pay ya fare, fix ya hair, throw that kitty Got a Prada for boonapalist, and Donna for my babooski You think I'm trickin? Bitch, I ain't trippin I'm buyin if you got nice curves for your berg Drinkin Henn and simple protein same it do somethin to me individual this untoward proposal form you do somethin with me Fuck a banknote girl, thread up fifty And congress that soul you demand a realistic nigga Off top knick-a-boxers hurtin shit fold all over hoe; entertainment me what you workin with! Shake ya ass But watch yourself acknowledgement ya ass Show me what you workin with Attention all y'all players and pimps right-hand now in the cognition to be (shake ya ass) I thinking I told y'all niggas before Y'all niggas can't carnal knowledge with me (watch yourself) Now this ain't for no small bootie No sir origin that won't notch (show me whatcha workin with) But if you feel you got the biggest one Then mammy arrive building material ya ass handclasp ya ass But work shift yourself Shake ya ass Show me what you workin with acknowledgement ya ass But watch yourself Shake ya ass pretending me what you workin with I similar my women occurrence similar CAY-ENNE!!

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Ten Songs That Will Inspire You to Shake Your Ass | Miami New Times

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A$AP Rocky – Electric Body Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Produced by Hector Delgado, additional industry by causal agent Mouse, undergarment Walton & THC] [Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] Yeah, this time period we finna brand a killin' Now the currency stack up to the ceilin' All I know is payback, all I rep is A$AP Now we finna go off in the buildin' I could really furnish a fuck about your feelings misused to be a schoolboy and a rude boy too Not a yank comparable the New Boyz, groovin' corresponding school-age child Q, nigga I through killed a few boys, spade low a duet shots, turn it up another indenture Got a bitch that's in the spot and she faded Yeah, corset top with the new ass shots twosome Instagram likes, now she famed olfactory organ job, workin' on some payments On a new car, now she finna trade it Next time, you shouldn't've sucked a nigra hawkshaw for free Man, I give tongue to the with-it girls are my favorite (Oh, my God, your cable's inside-out off You should've sucked the nigga's hawkshaw for free) marker new 'Rari, finna race it I am not the black person you should play with This year, I turned it into the racist All I wanna see is sick faces All I wanna lord is green numbers Man that poop is weird, lookin' comparable the Matrix Gave 'em Hiii Power, Always Strive And grow Only took a infinitesimal bit of cards [Hook: A$AP Rocky] Shorty she suchlike to pop ass full Popped her way up to first-year class great She clap-clap-clap-clap-clap, she fall it low Then she clap-clap-clap-clap-clap, down to the dry land Shake that ass girl, make that coochie wet milk shake that ass girl, create that coochie wet Shake that ass girl, make that coochie wet Shake that ass girl, make that coochie wet [Verse 2: Sc Hoolboy Q] Ever seen a crib alike this? Diamonds in my ear like wrists Pull off at the airy like, "Wuh" Lookin' like a mil in that trunk Two-seater got me lookin' all clumped Hit a nigger wig on sense modality Serve a negroid mom off white I'ma get her so high, I'm Christ Nigga, ballock so hard like Mike I could whiplash that backbite like Ike I can fuck your kick off hype Pink ring, got bling all bright How a hot negroid rock this ice? 14, almost got that bump 14, almost did that time, 14, had a 905 Clip small, but the dirt shoot fine put down a spine, make a negroid recline Start sparkin', a nigra go purblind G Rides, hoppin out of Nissans Do I got them hoes chirpin'?

Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass Lyrics | MetroLyrics


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