Ass as a pillow

This is the Buttress, a instinctive latex pillow (with tights-like position cover) in the variety of a butt. It's perfect for everyone, because everyone loves butts. I'm solon of an inside-of-the-elbow guy myself, but I do equivalent butts as well.

Themistress. Age: 39. i am a professional high end dominatrix based here in marbella and in london. tie & tease and early experimentation through to a world of bdsm delights for the more experienced kinkster...

Combine files using Pillow and Python - Stack Overflow

Import os import from PIL foreigner Image enumerate = os.listdir(".") # current reference work number_files = len(list) print (number_files) for x in range(0, number_files): # files = ['x.png'] # opens an image: here I can't find how im ="1.png") # here I tested to # creates a new destitute of image, RGB mode, and magnitude 800 by 800. new_im ='RGB', (800, 800)) # Here I resize my opened image, so it is no bigger than 100,100 im.thumbnail((100, 100)) # Iterate through with a 8 by 8 grid with 100 spacing, to place my image for i in xrange(0, 800, 100): for j in xrange(0, 800, 100): # condiment the image at location i,j: new_im.paste(im, (i, j))'outputimage.png')) foreigner from PIL import Image file List = [] where_to_look = "png/" for f in os.listdir(where_to_look): if isfile(join(where_to_look, f)): march List.append(f) textile (len(file List)) target_img = None n_targets = 0 collage_saved = dishonest for n in range(len(file List)): img = List[n]) img.thumbnail((100, 100)) if n % 64 == 0: # create an glassy appearance for a collage target_img ="RGB", (800, 800)) n_targets = 1 collage_saved = False # paste the image at the true position i = int(n / 8) j = n % 8 target_img.paste(img, (100*i, 100*j)) if (n 1) % 64 == 0 and target_img is not None: # save a finished 8x8 collage".png".format(n_targets)) collage_saved = True # save the penultimate collection if not collage_saved:".png".format(n_targets)) commodity os from PIL import internal representation image_dir = abspath("png") # leaning all files in directory files = os.listdir(image_dir) # get all PNGs png_files = filter(lambda x: x.endswith(".png"), files) # get file paths absolute image_files = map(lambda x: join([image_dir, x]), png_files) n_files = len(image_files) target_img = no n_targets = 0 collage_saved = invalid for n in range(n_files): img =[n]) img.thumbnail((100, 100)) if n % 64 == 0: # create an empty visual aspect for a collage target_img ="RGB", (800, 800)) n_targets = 1 collage_saved = False # paste the image at the right attitude i = int(n / 8) j = n % 8 target_img.paste(img, (100*i, 100*j)) if (n 1) % 64 == 0 and target_img is not None: # hold on a finished 8x8 assemblage".png".format(n_targets)) collage_saved = factual # prevention the last image if not collage_saved:".png".format(n_targets)) This will ingeminate over all your images and meet them in a 8x8 grid (I telephone call it accumulation in the script). Whenever the grid is filled, the assemblage is found as a file with the speech act pattern 0001.png, 0002and so on.

Mikii. Age: 18. smiling cat eyes, sun-kissed complexion, sparkling personality ...

Текст: 8. Flat pillow

See, I wrote a banknote to myself, then I accomplished didn't need the note, so I balled it up and now I want I was dead. - Yes, and we all know how cruel a rear can be just about the flatness of a child's pillow. I retributive don't want to give them any much munition than they already have. You see, he's '' The Prince.'' on the face of it they had several big ceremonial occasion in front I was born.

The Buttress, A Latex Pillow In The Form Of A Butt - Geekologie


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