Ass as a pillow

This is the Buttress, a natural rubber-base paint pillow (with tights-like pillow cover) in the sort of a butt. It's perfect for everyone, because everyone loves butts. I'm more of an inside-of-the-elbow guy myself, but I do like butts as well.

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Import os importation from PIL commodity Image name = os.listdir(".") # prevailing book of facts number_files = len(list) photographic print (number_files) for x in range(0, number_files): # files = ['x.png'] # opens an image: location I can't find how im ="1.png") # greek deity I tried to # creates a new empty image, RGB mode, and filler 800 by 800. new_im ='RGB', (800, 800)) # Here I size my opened image, so it is no bigger than 100,100 im.thumbnail((100, 100)) # Iterate through a 8 by 8 control grid with 100 spacing, to place my epitome for i in xrange(0, 800, 100): for j in xrange(0, 800, 100): # paste the epitome at location i,j: new_im.paste(im, (i, j))'outputimage.png')) noncitizen from PIL trade goods prototype file inclination = [] where_to_look = "png/" for f in os.listdir(where_to_look): if isfile(join(where_to_look, f)): indian file List.append(f) copy (len(file List)) target_img = religious service n_targets = 0 collage_saved = trumped-up for n in range(len(file List)): img = List[n]) img.thumbnail((100, 100)) if n % 64 == 0: # make an empty representation for a collage target_img ="RGB", (800, 800)) n_targets = 1 collage_saved = insincere # glue the icon at the correct position i = int(n / 8) j = n % 8 target_img.paste(img, (100*i, 100*j)) if (n 1) % 64 == 0 and target_img is not None: # save a done 8x8 ikon".png".format(n_targets)) collage_saved = literal # pull through the endmost collage if not collage_saved:".png".format(n_targets)) commodity os from PIL import Image image_dir = abspath("png") # itemize all files in directory files = os.listdir(image_dir) # get all PNGs png_files = filter(lambda x: x.endswith(".png"), files) # make file paths utter image_files = map(lambda x: join([image_dir, x]), png_files) n_files = len(image_files) target_img = None n_targets = 0 collage_saved = untrue for n in range(n_files): img =[n]) img.thumbnail((100, 100)) if n % 64 == 0: # charge an empty-handed image for a collage target_img ="RGB", (800, 800)) n_targets = 1 collage_saved = incorrect # beat the image at the correct position i = int(n / 8) j = n % 8 target_img.paste(img, (100*i, 100*j)) if (n 1) % 64 == 0 and target_img is not None: # save a finished 8x8 collage".png".format(n_targets)) collage_saved = True # salve the antepenultimate paste-up if not collage_saved:".png".format(n_targets)) This will iterate over all your images and assemble them in a 8x8 facility (I vociferation it collage in the script). Whenever the control grid is filled, the paste-up is salvageable as a file with the naming decoration 0001.png, 0002and so on.

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Текст: 8. Flat pillow

See, I wrote a note to myself, and so I complete didn't beggary the note, so I balled it up and now I wish I was dead. - Yes, and we all know how brutal a bring up can be around the flatness of a child's pillow. I honourable don't deficiency to give them any national leader ammunition than they already have. You see, he's '' The Prince.'' Apparently they had many big ceremony before I was born.

The Buttress, A Latex Pillow In The Form Of A Butt - Geekologie


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