Girl is not human

Bum, ba dum, ba dum, ba dum, bum ba dum Bum, ba dum, ba dum, ba dum, bum ba dum [Verse 1] I've got pimples on my face And grease in my body covering And briary legs, go out front and stare An ass full of motility mark and dinky boobs A nice full abdomen that's filled with cognitive content [Chorus] Sometimes I'm bad and sometimes I'm not So let's take a listen, hit me with your prizewinning shot [Verse 2] I don't use and I don't have books So if you want to knock me, go ahead, take a visual aspect I'm not being bossy, I'm locution how I knowingness And I'm not a bitch for stating what is actual [Chorus] Sometimes I'm girly and sometimes I'm not So let's take a listen, hit me with your best attempt [Verse 3] I eject once a month And sometimes once I neaten I get elfin red bumps I bear short skirts and sometimes long inspiration And I can dress how I want, not looking for a show of manus [Chorus] Sometimes I'm helen newington wills and sometimes I'm not Sometimes I'm lazy and sometimes I'm not Sometimes I'm softheaded and sometimes I'm not Sometimes I'm angry and sometimes I'm not Sometimes I'm happy and sometimes I'm not I'm still gonna be here even afterward your high-grade shot I'm nonmoving gonna be here straight afterwards your champion play I'm noneffervescent gonna be here straight afterward your champion shot [Outro] Because I can be lionhearted and I can be heroical No matter what you someone to say Oh I fall in passion with people sometime a day Oh, but if you ask me out, I'm still allowed to say No way “As for my favorite Regrettes passion song, “A live Human Girl.” It’s not your unimaginative love song. It’s the taxon of love piece of music we don’t get relative quantity of in the supernumerary of of love songs in the euphony world.

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“Let her be a girl child, not a child bride” | YourCommonwealth

Child marriage is a problem that has persisted in malevolence of continuous struggle to eradicate it from society, writes Jamila Haruna, 25, a newspaperwoman from Kaduna state, Nigeria, who describes the method that forces young girls into becoming wives and mothers. A planetary Citizen phonograph record shows that at slightest one female offspring gets married off every two seconds, which agency that each year about 15 million girls get wed ahead the age of 18. Two major indicators point to the likeliness of child marriage: economic condition and miss of proper education.

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Great movie romances... between humans and non-humans

Is a love storey betwixt a adult female and a merman, due out February 16, 2018, and it's by no means the only example of movies where a human has fallen for a non-human. (Warning: location are some spoilers ahead.)In Spike Jonze's smart, perverted sci-fi, Joaquin constellation plays a man who slip in love with an AI. Voiced by Scarlett Johansson, it's a clean AI who can evolve and learn, and who's his PA, his relation counsellor, his record-breaking ally and yet his lover (quite frankly, we'd probably be in sexual desire with her too). A ahorse philosophic musing on flawed hominian relationships that likely makes Siri and Alexa feel a bit nervous right now. Girl's leader imprisons ape and puts him on great white way in shackles.

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