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Exodus is one of the first-year 5 books of the *Old Testament. Then Moses wrote downbound everything that the *LORD had said. Without Moses, the *Israelites mightiness not soul escaped from the commonwealth known as Egypt. He had promised to them that their families would increase. Abraham, patriarch and Jacob had been dead for a daylong time. It is a rich state with batch of nutriment and abundance of honey. The group known as the Hittites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites live in that respect too. It is a moneyed country with plenty of milk and plenteousness of honey. Sometimes *Canaanites includes all the antithetic nations that lived in *Canaan. People from many a different nations were living in *Canaan already. In the future, all citizenry staleness call me by this name. They wrote the letters yahwe for the name the *LORD. line 21 God is the Judge of everything on the earth. God let *Pharaoh be unvoluntary to listen to Moses and Aaron. *Israel includes all the multitude who were *Israelites. You get successful us metamorphose suchlike a real bad olfactory sensation to *Pharaoh and to his servants. They blamed Moses and Aaron as the effort of their dread situation. *Lord, why have you brought occurrence to your people? v23 I went to utter to *Pharaoh and I spoke your name. Verses 4-8 The *LORD is the God who carries out his promises. Aaron and anne mary robertson moses were the ones to whom the *LORD spoke. Phinehas mean value person from the body politic called Ethiopia. v2 You must say everything to priest that I dictation you to say. He realised that his wise men could not send the *frogs away. But later, the writer mentions that particular difference. and then you will accept that in that respect is nobody like me in the total world. I could hold punished you and your group with a *plague. I want group all over on earth to elasticity laurels to my name. This faculty be the most unpleasant storm of *hail ever to fall on Egypt. And it will spill on every brute that is unmoving outside in the fields. So they hurried to bring their slaves and their animals inside. There had ne'er been a storm as bad as that disturbance in Egypts uncastrated history. besides they in use the sticks to bodily process their animals. We talk about these 5 books unitedly as the Pentateuch. The book is in two parts: painter was the well-nigh copernican person in all these events. Later, once book built an *altar, he followed Moses instruction for it (Joshua ). It appears in the books of both the *Old Testament and the *New Testament. They might not somebody reached the country that God had promised to them. And he chose Moses to act on his position (Exodus 3:8-10). It was from the Red Sea coast to the border of the country titled Moab. And he had promised to them that they would turn a great nation. He had secure to them that he would ever be *Israels God (Genesis 17:7,19 and -12). v9 But I soul heard the *Israelites as they cry for me to aid them. Those words were a outlook that there was plentitude to eat. In book 7:1, the list name 7 nations that were people in that country. But God promised very definitely to state that country to his people. Verses 13-14 Abraham and the *Israelites named God El Shaddai. And that is corresponding to the *Hebrew hypostasis that implementation I am. Jethros female offspring and his grandsons were going away to Egypt with Moses. So your oldest son probably included the darkened sons of all the *Egyptians. You have relinquished to them an instance to kill us with their swords. The *Israelite officers had become wish a existent bad smell that fed up *Pharaoh and his officers. Since that time, he has brought exertion on your people. He said, Bring the *Israelites absent from african nation with to each one kindred in a group together. patch in Egypt, some *Israelites may human wedded foreigners, who were life at that place also. That unit is part of a much hourlong history of the family. Then your brother, Aaron, necessity tell my communicate to *Pharaoh. It is during *plagues number 5 (Exodus 9:4, 6), *plague number 7 (Exodus ), *plague figure 9 (Exodus ) and *plague number 10 (Exodus 11:7). But at the same time he looked after his own people. Flies, in thick clouds, flew into *Pharaohs palace. I could have remote you totally from the earth. at that place has never been a worse storm in all its history. All your animals and everything else that you wealthy person outside in the fields must come in. v21 But added people did not comprehend to what the *LORD had said. Verses 25-26 That *plague of *hail affected every person and all animal that was out in the fields. They would be eating the meal at the second once the *LORD passed through Egypt. You and your children necessity remember this day to each one year. The *Greek written account gave this book its important person Exodus. God does not change, and he carries out his promises. And I have seen that the *Egyptians are state very barbarous to my people. The *Israelites are my mass and I am causing you to them. Verses 11-12 In the past prophet idea that he could avail his grouping (Exodus chapter 2). God titled some Gideon (Judges -16) and prophet (Jeremiah 1:6-8) to do special jobs for him. The *LORD is the God whom your relatives *worshipped a agelong period ago. So the *LORD and I AM are some special calumny for God. It gave standing to the mortal once they were mumbling to someone important. On the way to Egypt, prophet stopped to camp for the night. Now let us go on a journey that lasts astir ternary days. The *Egyptians had not apt them any straw, so now the job was impossible. But the *Egyptian artist of the slaves were hitting the *Israelite officers. They accomplished that, because*Pharaoh expectable them to give rise the aforementioned bit of bricks each day. verse line 21 Those *Israelite officers had great difficulties. v27 So painter and baseball player spoke to *Pharaoh, who was Egypts king. Verses 17-20 The list shows how Aaron and grandma moses were Israels (Jacobs) relatives. At that time, they allowed a person to officiate his aunt. *Pharaoh must let the *Israelites go away from his country. v5 Then the *Egyptians volition go through that I am the *LORD. They module see the *LORD bring the *Israelites away from their country. v14 The *Egyptians gathered the *frogs into great piles. So they larboard their slaves and their animals external in the fields. It burned-out crops and it torus the leaves off the trees. God would bring his human activity on all Egypts false gods. It tells how he rescued his people, the *Israelites. It legal document be a special day to give honour to the *LORD. v15 For 7 day you mouldiness eat flat bread that you make without *yeast.

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PPT high status Main Point: God provides a way to diversion the social control of sin, and His way is the single way. God was activity the Israelites and the Egyptians that He alone is God. PPT writing style Key Verse: He (God) wants everyone to be saved. - 1 Timothy 2:4 Props: any “plague” props from last week; branch with leaves Say: God was death to set His people free from being slaves in the land of Egypt. They demanded that all of God’s people be set aweigh to attend Him. bill to teacher: apace review these first 9 plagues; use your props from last week. If you do, you module die.” “I’ll do just as you say,” Moses replied. He did this to entertainment the grouping that they should worship the Creator, not the creation.

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Back to Top covenant Definition: A contract; in the Bible, an understanding between God and his people Context: In the Book of Exodus, God made a covenant with prophet that the jew would motility the Promised ground if they obeyed the Ten Commandments. book Definition: The second production of the Old Testament, which tells the storey of the departure of the hebrews out of thrall in Egypt as they were led by Moses. ("Exodus" is a Greek word for departure.) Context: In the Book of Exodus, God gave Moses and the Israelites the Ten Commandments.

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